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Tutanota – Start Using Free Encrypted Email

Tutanota is the world’s first end-to-end encrypted email service that encrypts the entire mailbox.

Started in 2011, two years before the Snowden leaks, Tutanota now has over two million users. With its unique open source technology, Tutanota fights for privacy and freedom of speech online, allowing everybody including NGOs, journalists and activists to send encrypted emails on desktop and mobile.

In addition to FREE accounts for individuals and NGOs, Tutanota’s affordable business version enables companies and organisations of all sizes to easily secure their email communication.

On top of automatic end-to-end encryption as standard, Tutanota is also one of the few mail services that already support DANE. The DANE protocol effectively protects against MITM attacks and, the Tutanota team point out, should be implemented by all mail providers.

The mail service uses Extended Validation SSL certificates for extra security, as well as DNSSEC, DMARC, DKIM, PFS & STARTTLS to secure email content to the maximum.

The team are passionately contributing to a future internet where everything is encrypted by default.

They have added the option of two-factor authentication, and their aim for the future is to be an encrypted alternative to Gmail with a calendar, notes and fully encrypted cloud storage.

Are you interested in the most secure email service there is?

Get your own FREE email account today here


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