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The Truth Behind Capitalism (2015) | Film

The Truth Behind Capitalism (2015) critiques capitalism from the perspective of Karl Marx.

The objective of this short documentary is to present information and opinions from various different sources not covered in the mainstream media so that people are more informed about the economic structure of capitalism and the true meaning of socialism (which is the power of the community placed in the control of the people – not in the hands of a few), in order for people to think more objectively about community versus individualism, or co-operation and unity versus competition and division, to see where they would put these two opposing values within a new economic model.

In just 30 minutes, it covers the history of the central banking system, the Eurozone, the Occupy Movement, the increasing number of coalitions and demonstrations taking place worldwide, revolutionary events that took place in Iceland and in Greece, and asks the audience one main question:

Was Karl Marx right? Is capitalism on the verge of collapse and a new community-based ‘people and planet before profit’ social system coming to fruition in its wake?

The film has a rating of 7.28 on the Top Documentary Films website, and it has also been reviewed here.

Video Editing By: Robito Chatwin

This is a non profit found footage video for educational purposes.


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