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Thinking Critically About Terrorist Attacks in Turkey

The purpose of this thought exercise is to bring another perspective to situations in order to think about them more critically.

This enables us to understand the actions we take as humans from different viewpoints.

Ultimately, our actions show us something; by looking at the deeper reasons behind our actions, we can gain more understanding.

IMAGINE there is a gang near you that is selling drugs and much of that money is being used to buy knives in order to protect its turf. The gang is growing and threatening more and more of your community.

Now imagine that some of your friends are even selling knives to the gang to make a bit of extra cash. In fact, it turns out that selling knives is very profitable for them, so they go about selling even more.

Next, you start buying some marijuana from the gang and sharing it with your friends. It’s cheaper than buying from someone else, but of course you are also contributing to the gang’s funds.

Many people who live in the gang area come to you claiming the area is becoming too dangerous to live in, and they want to get out, but you send them back, telling them there is nothing you can do to help.

Meanwhile, more of the youth in your community are getting mixed up in the gang’s activities.

One day a few gang members out on the street stab your own children as they were innocently walking about town – your children die.



1) Is it a tragedy that the children were killed?

2) Did YOU contribute to your own children’s death?

3) Did your friends contribute to your own children’s death?

4) What could you have done differently to avoid this ever happening?

5) Why didn’t you behave differently to avoid this happening?

6) What does this say about you and your friends?



1) YOU are Turkey in this story.

2) ISIS is the gang living in an area near you.

(source) (source)

3) ISIS is the gang selling oil (drugs) and using the money to buy guns (knives).

(source) (source)

4) Turkey’s friends (primarily the USA) are selling guns to ISIS.

(source) (source) (video source)

5) Turkey is buying cheap oil from ISIS and US banks are helping.

(source) (source) (source)

6) Turkey is being paid by the EU to send refugees back where they came from.

(source) (source)

7) An increasing number of young people are joining ISIS.

(source) (source)

8) Turkey’s ‘children’ are those under Turkey’s care – and at least 10 of them have just been killed.

(source) (source) (source) (source)

1) Yes. Children being killed is a tragedy and is something we work to avoid.
2) Yes. By buying oil (drugs), sending people back, and staying friends with people who are selling the gang weapons.
3) Yes. By selling weapons to the gang and by allowing you to buy oil (drugs) from the gang.
4) You could have made a stand and made it public that your friends are acting immorally and you will not support them or this gang in any way. Instead you will make helping those that want to leave the area, and stopping your friends from selling weapons to the gang, your utmost priority.
5) You were concentrating on cheap oil (drugs) and staying friends with those that were making nice profits from the gang’s behavior, instead of putting the safety of your own children (the people under your care) and refugees (the people from the gang area) that really need your help first.
6) You are putting your own selfish interests and the selfish interests of your friends before any concern for your family and the community around you. You are much more interested in benefiting financially from the situation and being friends with those who are also financially benefiting from big profits.

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This entry was posted on January 14, 2016 by in newspaper, posts.