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A Brand New Tactic

Russell Brand interviews Ed Miliband (April 2015)

After saying voting is a waste of time for 2 years, Russell Brand shocks the world by calling for all UK citizens to vote for the Labour Party.

On May the 4th 2015, just two days after¬†publishing my article¬†(here) providing the answer to what Russell Brand means when he says don’t vote for the established political parties, Russell suddenly makes the headlines by calling for all UK citizens to vote Labour. (here)

The mainstream media criticised Ed Miliband for saying he would listen to Russell Brand and his supporters after the UK May 2015 electionTo be precise, Brand‚Äôs argument was to¬†vote for the established political party that is most willing to listen to the people’s concerns, but still demand change from that party from a grass roots level after the election.

The mainstream media criticised both Labour and Brand for this surprise move, and it was also a massive blow for everyone routinely watching Russell’s YouTube channel, believing he was doing something new and revolutionary. After all, here was a guy¬†with money, fame, and therefore influence, who since 2013 had given the disillusioned public new hope for an alternative politics.

I understand Russell’s¬†thinking. Ed Miliband had promised Brand that, if elected, he would listen to Russell and the people. Russell knew this would give him and the people a real foothold¬†to demand a complete change to the British¬†political¬†system if Miliband then backed down on his word.

More reputable media outlets, such as The Independent and The Guardian, saw the significance of this too, predicting that this now created a very uncomfortable situation for the Conservative Party, and could make a major difference in the upcoming election result (see here and here).

Indeed, forecasters and opinion polls had already predicted that the election was going to be a very close call, and there were even reports of ballot papers going missing (here) which could have been used by anyone to influence results, but alas, in the end, the main problem with Ed Miliband was that he was no different to Cameron Рboth making promises that everyone knew they would not keep.

Martin Freeman (aka The Hobbit) made a party political broadcast on behalf of Labour (here) promising¬†guaranteed GP¬†appointments within 48 hours, and cancer tests within one week. It didn’t matter if you were on the political left or the political right, it was obvious to everyone that this was not currently possible.

Russell Brand had been momentarily hoodwinked by the political limelight, and his now disenchanted ‘Trewsers’ knew it.

The election came, and Scotland did stand up and say enough is enough; they voted for their own alternative Рthe SNP, leaving England and Wales to vote Labour or Conservative Рthe end result was that Conservative won (see here).

But, with the insane First Past the Post voting system (here) giving practically 100% of the control to a party that only 37% of voters and 24% of the actual UK population voted for (here), anti-austerity protests kicked off in London just two days later (here).

The Scottish National Party (SNP) enjoy a sweeping victory in Scotland in the UK May 2015 electionI was in Glasgow when the SNP won and I witnessed the euphoria that came with the promise of a better future. In England, however, the atmosphere could be better described by a general air of misery and despair.

I quickly rewrote my article on The Trews Behind Politics for a final publication (here), and then decided to act on the conclusion of my own video (here) by giving TUSC, the Trade Union and Socialist Coalition, a call.

If WUWE is going to help promote thinking about important global issues from an alternative perspective in order to help develop important critical thinking skills about the world we live in, experiencing firsthand what demonstrating on the streets is actually like seemed like the logical next step.

So what do you think?

Is tactical voting better than not voting at all?


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