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The Truth Behind Politics

President Obama says live on air he is powerless to stop war in Iran or climate change because of a corrupt government.

President Obama states that he is powerless to stop people within his own government instigating wars and environmental destruction for private financial gain.

As the UK general election (held on 7th May 2015) loomed ever closer to a completely disillusioned and despondent public, I sat in front of my computer watching an interview by VICE news (read here) when my jaw dropped.

Before my very eyes, the President of the USA sat there smiling while he openly stated that he is both powerless to stop a war on Iran and helpless when it comes to preventing climate change and the systematic extinction of all life on our planet – all because of an elitist few who profit from crises.

I began to ask myself why such proclamations did not create an instant global uprising as people cry out for justice.

This reality of the corruption in our system is written off as conspiracy theory, but the truth is right there in front of our eyes for everyone to see. It is literally documented on television in the name of entertainment.

While writing articles on this for Elephant Journal and Collective Evolution, I caught a bit of a BBC TV entertainment show called Caribbean in which Simon Reeves went to drug torn barrios of Nicaragua, the world’s most dangerous country, before heading to Jamaica where the crime rate is actually reducing.

In his TV programme, Steve Reeves finds out that the two main gangs that are ripping Nicaragua apart already agreed two years ago, at the government’s request, to come to negotiations for peace, but the government has yet to reply. Why?

The programme goes on to inform us that crime in Jamaica was almost at the levels found in Nicaragua, but when Steve then visits the Jamaican government to find out what they have been doing to tackle this problem, he finds out that they imposed a zero tolerance policy on lying and corruption in the government and police.

Politicians and police in Jamaica are now required to take lie detector tests if found under investigation, and anything less than 100% truth is cause for immediate reprimand.

So why would the government not respond to the gangs in Nicaragua? Well, the programme suggests that there are people within the government whose financial interest it is to keep the main drug trafficking route into the United States operating.

Can you imagine the vast implications that a Jamaican zero tolerance policy would have on our political system if such an approach were adopted in the USA and the Western world today?

It seems to me that if the president of the most powerful country in the world can openly admit that he is powerless to stop people within his own government instigating wars and environmental destruction for private financial gain, and we as a people do nothing about it, then it is our own indifference and passivity to the current political structure that is creating our misery.

We know that there is mass corruption and dishonesty within politics, but we need to start delving deeper and questioning how the decisions of people with power are having an effect on ours lives, so that we can act accordingly to stop this insanity and increase overall happiness.

I became so impassioned about the appalling state of our political system today that I decided to sit down and work out how video editing works so that I could create a video about it. I called the video ‘The Truth Behind Politics’.

The film asks serious questions to get people questioning and debating the values of the current political system; for there has never been a more crucial time for people the world over to start thinking critically about realistic options for a better system, a system that serves the well-being of all life on planet Earth, our home.

So what do you think?

Do we need an alternative to the current political system?


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This entry was posted on March 30, 2015 by in newspaper, posts.