the science of how to achieve and maintain health and well-being on a personal and global scale.

Wake Up World Education (WUWE) is my personal project to build an academic science-supported online educational platform that anyone can use to become healthy and happy.

Many of the world’s most prestigious academic institutions, including Harvard, Stanford, UC Berkley and MIT, are today at the forefront of the movement to make personal and global wellness the new global narrative.

About WUWE

WUWE provides free educational resources for personal and classroom use to develop critical thinking skills and increase personal and global wellness. WUWE also provides free online Personal & Global Wellness Training.

WUWE holds the position that today, in 2018, the tools to solve all of our personal and global problems now exist, and that the latest scientific research supports this position.

WUWE presents the latest scientific research on personal and global wellness to empower people with the knowledge to improve their own personal health, the health of their local communities, and the health of the planet on a global scale.

About Me and my professional background.

In the Classroom

Robert (robito) Chatwin works as a Lecturer of English for Academic Purposes (EAP) at some of the most prestigious universities in the UK.

When he is not helping international students prepare for academic study in the UK, he delivers free classes on Personal & Global Wellness Training to students, teachers, and to the general public worldwide.

Over the years, he has delivered training workshops in many countries, including Austria, Germany, Italy, Czech Republic, Croatia and Bulgaria, and he has worked directly with the Ministry of Education in Russia and Kazakhstan.

In the classroom, the resources on this platform can be used to develop critical thinking skills and encourage discussion among the students about increasing personal and global wellness.


Online Training

Online Personal & Global Wellness Training consists of 4 lessons.

These lessons can be seen as divided into ‘The Problem’ and ‘The Solution’ and should be studied in order as follows:

The Problem:
☑️ 1. The Art of Critical Thinking
☑️ 2. The Mainstream Narrative

The Solution:
☑️ 3. Controversial Topics
☑️ 4. Personal & Global Wellness

Once the lessons are complete, Personal & Global Wellness Training becomes self-directed.

Choose Cognitive Dissonance as your focus to explore controversial topics and practise The Art of Critical Thinking so that you can raise your awareness, form more objective opinions and make more informed decisions about your future.

Choose Wellness as your focus to explore the opposite of the mainstream narrative – the exciting solutions-focused world that increases personal and global wellness and is available to us all.

Students can come back as often as they wish, choose their focus, search by topic or resource type, and sign up to receive every new post right in their inbox.

Just as personal and global wellness is multidimensional and holistic, the solutions too cross all disciplines.

Therefore, within the topics covered on this platform, you will find research covering many disciplines, including architecture, engineering, health, nutrition and medicine, politics, business, agriculture, biology, physics, psychology and mathematics – to name just a few.

Begin your free online Personal & Global Wellness Training today