Wake Up World Education (WUWE) is building a science-supported independent online educational platform that provides free Personal & Global Wellness Training.


WUWE provides free educational resources for personal and classroom use to develop critical thinking skills and increase personal and global wellness.

WUWE holds the position that today, in 2018, the tools to solve all of our personal and global problems now exist, and that the latest scientific research supports this position.

WUWE presents the latest scientific research on personal and global wellness to empower people with the knowledge to improve their own personal health, the health of their local communities, and the health of the planet on a global scale.

In the classroom, the resources on this platform can be used to develop critical thinking skills and encourage discussion among the students about increasing personal and global wellness.

Many of the world’s most prestigious and innovative academic institutions, such as Harvard, UC Berkley and MIT, are today at the forefront of bringing this research into the mainstream.

Personal & Global Wellness Training

WUWE defines Personal & Global Wellness Training as: “the study of how to achieve, maintain and optimise health and well-being in order to reach our full potential on a personal and global scale”.

Personal & Global Wellness Training consists of 4 lessons:

☑️ 1. The Art of Critical Thinking
☑️ 2. The Mainstream Narrative
☑️ 3. Controversial Topics
☑️ 4. Personal & Global Wellness

Once the lessons are complete, Personal & Global Wellness Training becomes self-directed. WUWE is here to help you with the tools, but what you choose to study is a personal choice.

Students can come back as often as they wish, choose their focus, search by topic or resource type, and follow this site to receive every new post right in their inbox.

Just as personal and global wellness is multidimensional and holistic, the solutions too cross all disciplines; therefore, within the topics covered on this platform, you will find research covering many disciplines, including architecture, engineering, health, nutrition and medicine, politics, business, agriculture, biology, physics, psychology and mathematics – to name just a few.

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